Improvised Camp “Oven”

Did you ever find yourself camping in a region with a burn ban, and you forgot to check if their was a burn ban before you lef? Yep, me too.

One of my sons and I were camping and we found ourselves fireless. We had planned several of our meals over open flames, ya know, with burning wood.  Here’s how we handled the situation.

I had our trusty camp/catering stove so we put that to work.  We used the lonely fire pit grate to give us some distance from the heat. I didn’t have the cover to the frying pan, which went bye bye years ago.  I used a think plastic plate instead.


The first run was too close to the falme and is bruned the buscuits.


Our second try worked much better.  Here’s my happy camper and our results.

IMG_6807 IMG_6808 IMG_6806


I’m sure there’s a more effective way to make a camp oven.  When I figure it out I’ll write it up or post the link.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.

Espresso and bacon, yes please.

Excuse me my Veg and Vegan friends, I’m going to talk about meat.

If you like bacon, listen up.  If you like espresso, listen up.  These two favorites meat in a seemingly wonderful combo.  I’m also a very big fan of maple syrup.  What’s not to like about this?  Thanks ladies at Seattle Coffee Gear!

Left-over Mac Ensemble


If you have young kids you probably have box mac-n-cheese in you house.  I know I do.  This time we went with Aldi brand.  Their least favorite now.  So I’m faced with the task of eating these undesirables.  (By the way have you seen the movie Dive?  We waste way too much food in the US.)

So here’s what I found in the fridge, amongst other things. Some ham, cream cheese, horseradish , shredded colbly-jack.  I topped it off with some bread crumbs.  Mixed it in a bowl and put in the microwave.

So I’ll continue to eat like this until my boys hit puberty and we won’t have left-overs anymore.

What are some creative ways you’ve used left-overs?

homemade biscuits and gravy

In our continuing search for better tasting food I whipped up some homemade biscuits and gravy. Delicious!

I found a recipe and went for it. I have to say, I’ve found something really close to the biscuits my Grandma used to make. I think the only thing that would make them better would be the wood-electric stove she had.

Here’s the recipes I used.



We only slightly tweaked these. We used skim milk and didn’t use maple sausage. Oh, Jen used a kids cup from Ikea to cut the biscuits.  That way we didn’t have to dig up an cookie cutters.

You won’t ever buy biscuits in a tube again!

Next up, chocolate gravy!

a food expirement

I’m trying something with chili peppers.  I’m trying to create my own “chili powder”.  Not the kind that made from paprika and Cheyenne pepper that you put in your chili [as in stew.]  I’m going for Habanero and Serrano chili, chili powder.

My Mom was nice enough to grow some peppers in her garden for me since we were selling our house at planting time.

Where am I in the process?  I’m at the dehydrating stage.  When they’re dried I’ll roast some and then pulverize them with a mortar and pestle.  I’ll experiment with some salt and black pepper.  I will keep you posted.

Friendly reminder: wear gloves when working with these hot of chili.  I didn’t. I washed my hands four times with Dawn, and Gojo [mechanic’s hand cleaner] and I still had capsicum oil on me.  Which was awesome when I exercised after cutting them and got oil on my forehead and around my eyes. I’m ok now. I should have known better, this isn’t my first time working with these bad boys.  Maybe someday I’ll step it up to Ghost chilis.