Exploring Our Nextness

Have you ever been in a place in life where things are coming together? You’re asking questions of “what’s next?”, “What might we want to venture into?” You’re just not sure yet. That’s where my family and I are living.

Then we get an email from the landlord. “We’re selling, you have to move.”

I feel grateful that we’ve already been leaning into the “what’s next?” questions.  We have months before we have to move.  Still.  We wanted to be the ones to tell our landlord we were moving.  Oh, well.

Now we’re looking at a blank canvas. We have an opportunity for another adventure. We’re looking at schools, homes, and communities, wondering if we could live there.

The news was a punch in the gut, don’t get me wrong. We’ve begun to grieve this house, our schools, and neighbors.  We’ll miss the walk-ability of the neighborhood, Blue Highway Games, and great coffee just around the corner.  Because we embraced how that news felt we’re not paralyzed by it.  Also, we haven’t left it to deal with it later.

I’ll let you know more as we move forward.  [Pun intended.]

Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.