What. A. Week.

This has been one of those weeks. A week that it feels like you’re just holding on for dear life. You’re reminding yourself that you’ve grown, and you don’t have to turn back to things of the past. You’re stronger than you were before. Good thing I am, because this one’s been a doozy.

Its way past my bed time so I’ll give you the short-short version of this week:

Got more clients. Clients that are in crisis, juvenile detention, ER, med checks, suspensions, CPS. Good to see their faces and hear their stories.

Passat breaks down.

Shelves don’t fit as I designed. More work, up late.

More clients. Trainings. Paperwork. Meetings. Clients. Super busy traffic on the isthmus.

Test Drive a Honda. Budget?

Passat is not where I left it…

More Clients. Actual sessions. Feelings, heavy lifting. Podcasts heading south.

Shelves cut down to size. Functional is in fact sexy.

Passat towed. Paying even more money for “The Black Hole.” Junk man scheduled for the morning.

Buying a Honda.

Clients.  Knock knock jokes, secret handshakes, and fist bumps.

Oxytocin hugs from my sons.

Stumptown Coffee.  Lots of Stumptown Coffee.

Short Friday.


2 thoughts on “What. A. Week.

  1. knock knock
    Sounds like you could start writing a book….seriously
    Shelves any wood or metal work ” MEASURE TWICE ….CUT ONCE”
    i am glad you had a busy week helping people to solve their own problems and making sexy shelves.
    You probably don’t know this but much of my labor went into building that house on Canal road. Those shelves beside the fire place were built by me. I installed the kitchen but the people that built the kitchen top did not build it to my drawings and it did not fit the first time. I put the tiles on the roof, I put the frame of the building up along with the roof trusses. Grand dad helped with the tractor getting them above the frame of the house. Jerry was my teacher.and helped me a lot.
    Hope you don’t mind me mentioning that

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