A Therapist with a Job

I. Got. A! Job!

This afternoon I got a call from Compass Health’s Child Intensive Services team.  My new supervisor offered me a position as a Child & Family Therapist.  I stoically accepted.  I was in shock.  Morgan, my new boss, asked if she was the only one excited on the phone.  I told her that I’m excited and in shock!

Here’s why I’m excited:

I get to work with children/adolescents & families.  I love working with families.  Working with parts of the family and the whole.  There are some many different ways to approach family work and I like that flexibility.  I love the “ah-ha” moments of growing up and helping kids pass through them is truly rewarding.

Anyone who’ve I’ve talked to that has worked at Compass speaks highly of the organization.   I like the morale and the atmosphere I keep hearing about.  Now I get to partake and contribute to it.

I get to have a working rhythm again. It’s been 5 years since I had a full-time job and it will feel good to get back at it.  To have nights and weekends back sounds great!  And most of the people I love have those off too.

Team approach.  The teams I’ll be a part of are in the wrap-around model.  I haven’t heard of a more intense way of doing as I get to be a part of.  It’s like a therapeutic dog pile on our clients.  I’m excited to be a part of that!

I will no longer be a Master of Arts in Pizza Delivery.  I will miss my discount though.

I have  a commute.  (You’re like, “What?”)  I grew up 20 miles from church, school, and soccer.  The long drive home is a part of me.  On my way to work I’ll be going opposite of the rush.  When we were living in Greenville Michigan we lived 3 minutes from the church I was working.  At the end of a hard day I’d often turn north, in the opposite direction of home, so I could have some transition time.  When we were living in Saint Joseph Michigan I’d often go walk the pier at Silver Beach before I came home.  If I was short on time I’d cruise by the white sandy beach awkwardly slow.  Sometimes I’d get honked at when I did.  I didn’t care. I was soaking the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline.  So podcasts and audiobooks here [hear] I come.

Here’s what I’m not excited about:

New jobs often suck at first.  You do things slower than you want.   You don’t know where anything is.  I know it takes a long time to adapt to a new culture.  At least now I have shed most of the contempt I used to hold for myself in those situations.  New is exciting, yet unnatural.

The commute. I know, I just said I was looking forward to it.  I love to drive, but Seattle drivers often frustrate me.  I’ll take my own therapeutic advice and do some deep belly breathing as I white-knuckle my way home.

The paperwork.  I don’t know many people who enjoy the paperwork of their job.


Well, here’s to a new adventure!  Thanks to those of you that have prayed, called, bought me a beverage or meal, or sat with me over the past few months. I’ve really needed your support, and I’m grateful for it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.


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  1. I am very happy that you will now get to work with people who (hopefully) share your passion for helping people and healing. I have to say I’ll miss talking to you at work. Maybe you can join me for coffee some Saturday. At least now you’ll be working with people who won’t be shocked at your credentials.

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