Improvised Camp “Oven”

Did you ever find yourself camping in a region with a burn ban, and you forgot to check if their was a burn ban before you lef? Yep, me too.

One of my sons and I were camping and we found ourselves fireless. We had planned several of our meals over open flames, ya know, with burning wood.  Here’s how we handled the situation.

I had our trusty camp/catering stove so we put that to work.  We used the lonely fire pit grate to give us some distance from the heat. I didn’t have the cover to the frying pan, which went bye bye years ago.  I used a think plastic plate instead.


The first run was too close to the falme and is bruned the buscuits.


Our second try worked much better.  Here’s my happy camper and our results.

IMG_6807 IMG_6808 IMG_6806


I’m sure there’s a more effective way to make a camp oven.  When I figure it out I’ll write it up or post the link.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.


3 thoughts on “Improvised Camp “Oven”

  1. Omg. You rock.  I was salivating over  those pics.

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  2. Buddy Burner – need two cans, empty tuna can and a #10 Coffee can.
    The Big #10 is your griddle, you can vent couple of holes just below the bottom.
    Tuna can – coil cardboard in it tight, cover with melted wax / paraffin.
    To use – light tuna can – your burner and place coffee can upside down over it, and ta-da !
    To turn off – place coffee can bottom on top of tuna can & it will extinguish the fire.

    DW Perry

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