The Short Walk to Your Future

A week from today I graduate from The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology with a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.  (I’m going to read that sentence again.  And one more time…)  Time flies when you’re working really hard.  And some moments stand utterly still.

It’s good to mark and celebrate milestones.  The honoring of pain and joy are important in life.  I will shout, fist pump, high-five, fist bump, hand shake, hug like a linebacker, weep, jump, stand still in awe, weep, sigh, feast, and grin like the Cheshire Cat.  Then I will sleep.  Like, a lot dude.

It’s awkward and unsettling when we transition.  As of Monday, I will have completed all my work for my degree.¹  I am practically done.  I’ve applied with Washington to be a Licsensed Mental Health Counselor Associate and all that’s left is my transcript.  “I’m ret ta go.”  The awkward part comes when you walk across a stage, hear your name spoken, applause², shake hands with the President and Dean, smile for a picture, and walk off the stage.  Some how that is a magical portal you’ve passed through, you’re changed, you’re a graduate, a Master now.  I’m excited, but I don’t feel that different. Yet.

Yet, my life is different.  I may not feel the weight until August or September.  In September it will poignant how things have changed.  No buying a stack of books, a pack of Pilot Precise V7RT with comfort grip, and a fresh Moleskin journal.   No hovering over the online registration screen so I can get the class sections I want.  No dread of “syllabus day,” where I feel I have to eat the whole elephant at once.

A week from this moment, I’ll have crossed the threshold.  Life will be different.  I am different.  Now, what’s our next adventure?


Thanks for stopping.  Be uncommon.





¹ It’s a group art installation and presentation for a class called Yearnings. More on that class later.

² Wow, the weeping has started just thinking about it.  If this was paper there would be tears on that sentence.


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