A Monday’s Lament Near the End of Grad School

My hope is in the LORD, and I wonder when the soaring will begin.¹ Where’s the eagle parked? I’m walking weary.  I’m not running anymore and I’m still faint.  The sun is up and I can bearly feel it’s warmth, certainly I won’t be frolicing today.²

Yet, I feel the sun on my face. The gentle breeze tickling the stuble on my scalp. Flowers blooming. Herbs visting my nosterlls in the morning air.

I start my last two classes of Grad School this week and next. I’m wondering if I have enough in the tank to finish.  I wonder, but I keep walking as if I believe I can make it.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be…


¹ Isaiah 40:31
² Malachi 4:2


2 thoughts on “A Monday’s Lament Near the End of Grad School

  1. Draw in the fuel you need from the energies all around you. Take deep breathes in practice and in metaphor. Give out out as much as you drawn in, yet you will not be spent. Enjoy the labor in your stride, it is good work that you engage. Make it sure to be your authentic work, and you will fill up even as you share out. Flow.

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