San Juan Island Coffee Tour 2

As I often do, I realized I hadn’t published this post yet and returned to it today…

We had such a good time on San Juan Island. We will be back to visit again, hopefully soon.

Sadly this was the second and final stop of my coffee “tour.”  This deficiency in coffee tasting will add to the pile of motivation we already have to return to this wonderful place.

This stop on the short lived tour was to The Bean Cafe. I liked this place immediately when I entered. The decor is new and it was buzzing with people.The space wasn’t maxed out, but there was enough bustle for me know that people come there often. The staff were pleasant and could carry on a good conversation. Despite my shame and the engorged capillaries in my cheeks I’ll admit that the women at the till flirted with me. Which let’s be honest, its nice to be noticed by a stranger once in a while despite the motivation. Red faced I accepted my well made cappuccino. This cappuccino was in between the hipster-dripping-wet-cappucino’s made in Seattle and the traditional thick-foamed version that was enjoyed in Vienna hundreds of years ago.  The characteristics of the espresso came through nicely.  Well done Anonymous Barista!  [Like Button]

Here’s my recommendation:  If you’re want a larger cafe (compared to most urban cafes) that is friendly, has lots of energy, and has good beverages this is your place. If I have any writing or studying to do when I’m back in Friday Harbor The Bean Cafe is where I’ll land.  If you want quiet, I would ask the staff when those times are or find a different shop.  Also, an important factoid is that The Bean is across the street from the Ferry parking lot.   Grab some Joe before you have to go.  (Corniness intended.)  Don’t be afraid to give The Bean a try when you’re on San Juan Island.  Cheers.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.