San Juan Island Coffee Tour 1

The family and I have ventured to San Juan Island. This is our first trip here. My Mom is visiting and we thought we’d explore the Sound more and landed in Friday Harbor. Now on to coffee.

Coffee Tour is a bit generous for what I’ll be doing. My best guess is that I’ll only be trying three shops. Since this is a getaway we don’t have much of a plan. My fingers are crossed that I’ll stumble onto some coffee along the way.

This morning I stumbled onto a gem: The Cow’s Nest Coffee Shoppe. This is a place for locals. Which means I loved it. If you’re not a hoity toity urbanite you’ll fit in too. I’m sure they’d still be glad to take your money if you are. Just know you’ll probably get mocked after you leave.

The coffee was well crafted. They get their beans from Seattle. I stand behind that 100% if you aren’t going to roast in house.  My cappuccino was great. It was closer to a traditional capp than the pseudo-latte-hipster-cappuccinos you find in Seattle. 

The people were great. We talked about not needing car alarms and dropping off your kids at your ex-wife’s place hopped up on caffeine. I will darken their door again.


Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.