Playing on the Oregon Coast

We’ve been camping at a state park on the last 4 days. It has been glorious!

On the way down we made our way on US-101.  We stopped in Astoria to see the Goonies house. We also got some good coffee and checked out some sea lions in the harbor. While we were observing our aquatic mammal friends we picked some berries.

It was a great drive southward.  We wound our way along the coast through small towns and over uniquely ornate  bridges.  There were so many place you could stop and appreciate something.

We stayed at Beachside State Park. Our site barely fit our huge tent, but we made it work. The cool thing about the coast, at least Oregon and Washington, is there usually isn’t burn bans because its so wet. (The air is so damp your stuff won’t dry.) We cooked over the fire most of the time. It made is slow down and appreciate the conveniences we enjoy at home. 

We enjoyed being on the ocean.  The sand… Oh the “real” sand!  It was almost as nice as Saint Joseph, MI.  The boys were in for hours day after day. I wish I had a surf board.  There great beginner’s waves.  I even made a sand castle. That expedience has earned itself its own post.

Because of a schelde faix pa our reservation was a day short than we were thinking.  We moved north today up to a condo in Lincoln City. We played in the water, including the pool. Now were falling asleep to a Toy Story Marathon.

When we get home I’ll add some photos.

It’s been a great week. So many gentle and sweat moments with each other. Just the stuff great summer memories are made of.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be uncommon.