Reboot Day 7

This is my final day. I’ve done well. I’m not surprised that my system needed this. I’m starting back on food part way through today and easing into it the next couple days.

I feel more energized than I did 7 days ago. I’ve lost 15 pounds (6.8Kg) as well.

I know my appetite has been rebooted. I’m going to keep up the veg and fruit intake. I’ll probably have a juice a day from now on.

I’m really glad I did this. I’ll be doing it again. Next time I might go for 10 days. I’ll see how it falls in the calendar. I don’t think it would be wise for me to do this while classes are in session.

Thanks for the support during this reboot. I definitely couldn’t have done without community.

Thanks for stopping by. Be uncommon.


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