Reboot Day 4

I’m up, sipping on hot lemon water and a dash of stevia. What? It’s from a plant! I have to say I feel pretty good.

The worst day so far was the evening of Day 2. Intense hunger Day 1, and severe headache and fatigue on Day 2. Day 3 I was ok, a little fatigued, but felt good. I’ve heard from friends if you can make it to Day 4 you’re good to go.

I’ve decided to go through Monday. That’ll be 7 days. We have a family camping trip that would be on Day 9. I know it that there isn’t ever a “good” time for rebooting, but a 4 1/2 camping trip with the family seems like a really bad time to finish a fast. I’ll be back on solid foods 2 days before we hit the road.

I weighed myself. Something I said I wouldn’t do more than once a week while I was in the loosing process. I figured I wanted that information to make my decision on how much longer to go. I’m down 10 lbs this morning!

I’m sure I’ll have more to say as I move forward.

Thanks for stopping by. Be uncommon.