a weekend with my oldest son

Graeme and I had a blast this past weekend.  We camped, just the two of us, in the Cascades.  We weren’t very far from Mt. Baker.  We stayed at Rasar St. Park.  We’d both recommend it.  This is a new family tradition.  Well, I’ve been planning it for years.  When my boys turn 10, 13, 16, 18 I’m going on solo trips with them.  These trips will serve a sign posts on their journey to manhood.

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We whittled, hiked, played Pokemon, had sword duels, ate junk food, read Harry Potter and went fishing.  We had a ball.  We talked about life and how it changes over the years.  We shared old stories and made new ones.

We’d recommend Anne’s Pizza in Concrete, WA.  Great staff!  The pizza was wonderful.  Graeme would like to share it with the family.

We fished in the Skagit River and Grandy Lake , and scouted out Lake Shannon.  We didn’t have much luck.  Admittedly we’re not early risers.  The Skagit River was  very fast and strong.  We worked hard at times to keep our feet.   Graeme had a trout on his line and it broke free.  He also landed a tiny largemouth bass.  I just caught some weeds.  Graeme loved it.  I think we’ve found something that will keep him outdoors.  We were on the river for about 5 hours and he thought it was  an hour and a half.  After we fished for a while at Grandy Lake we took a swim.  A lady that was swimming near us got a leach on her and that was our cue to head for home.

Wonderful memories.


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