Dear Mr. Zimmerman

Mr. Zimmerman, why did you get out of your car? This was the mistake that led to the ending of a young man’s life. I’m not going to argue about whether or not you felt your life was in danger during the altercation you had with Trayvon Martin. The details in the media are too sketchy. It would be reasonable to consider that you both felt that way at some point.

Race making no difference? A student in a high school sociology class knows that’s not true. If you believe that race isn’t an issue you’re probably white or you’ve assimilated enough to dominate culture. We all are bias. But that was the right legal move. Mr. Zimmerman, would you have exited your vehicle with your gun for an unfamiliar young lady walking through your neighborhood? Stereotypes are obviously at play here.

Still, my thoughts hang… why did you get out of your car? A young man could still be alive and you would not have to live with the pain of taking a life. Please find a good therapist, this will eat you up inside.

Next time Mr. Zimmerman, please stay in your car.

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