Dear Church

This is a companion to my last post, Dear Mr. Zimmerman.


I can’t help but contemplate how the world would be differant if more of us lived the ways of Jesus through his Spirit.  Young black men could walk places and not be shot. My friends could go to Costco and not be harassed because they’re Latino.  [I’m going for my White Ally badge lately, so you may have to excuse some of this if you haven’t considered your Whiteness, privilege, or power.]

Church, I’m just wondering where the love is? Love that we live out that changes lives. I’m not talking about handing out 6oz water bottles to affluent people at parades. I’m talking about looking your neighbor in the eyes and valuing their humanity the way Jesus did. That kind of gaze can change a life. By gaze I really mean embodiment. Truly living with, for, and on behalf of those around you. Love can win.  Love has won and some of us are not even in the game.

I’m wondering where the courage is Church? Fear and hate are still alive for certain. Fear of difference. Fear of the loss of power. Fear of being mocked and excluded. Fear of not being invited over to the popular kids house for dinner. Fear of Zombies. What are we afraid of? Fear. Love can drive out fear.  If we live with courageously through love fear has no place.

What will you do church? How will we change the world around us.  How will we allow God to work through us?  How much longer can the world wait?  The Trayvon Martin’s, sex slaves, and child soldiers of the world can’t wait any longer.  Dear church, get in the game.


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