steel horses

I don’t know what it is about motorcycles. Many of you ask me about that. Half of you know about a tragedy attached to my frist motorcycle.  Two friends were riding my bike and were hit by a car.  One friend died and the other was in the hospital over a month.  That event only assuaged my desire a few years.

Some things in life just are.  Some things change.  I don’t know why, but I always wanted to ride.  I think I first requested a motorcycle before I asked for a bicycle – age 6.  Many in my family on both sides of the pond ride moto and road bikes.

A generous friend from school let me barrow his bike last  a couple months ago.  It was wonderful!  Granted it was cold.  I didn’t want to get wet so I stayed closed to Puget Sound.  The weather was closer to the Cascade Mountains. Sometime I will ride up there.  Maybe next week.

The same friend, Sean, is leaving town for a couple weeks and guess who gets to bike-sit?  Everyone who answered me, is correct.  I’m excited to experience summer in the Pacific Northwest on two wheels.  I’m sure I’ll have more to post about my adventures.

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  1. My first transport was a Honda 250cc, I have lots of marks on my body to prove that I couldn’t stay up right all the time.

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