Oh Say Can You See

I’m coming clean.  I had a lot of fun yesterday on the 4th of July.  It was mostly to do with the company we kept.  We were able to have some fun, laugh, eat, and gaze at some fireworks – municipal and private.  This was all do to our freedom and privalege.

Freedom isn’t free for sure.  There’s been a high cost for freedom.  Yet the freedom I’ve enjoyed is not available for all.  I’m not talking about people in Afganistan, North Korea, Iran, Syria, or wherever you may assume isn’t very free around the world.  I’m talking about our great nation.  My race and gender – White men – have caused the lack of freedom to all cultures, persuasions and skin tones other than ours.  I can’t think of an instance we haven’t.  We learned from the best, the English.  Make the World England was effused into our DNA as a fledgling nation.  This combined with the Puritan  promised Land-Manifest Destiny world view has lent themselves to what we have become – oppressors.  In the past few years it’s been hard for me to celebrate Independence Day with this in mind.

So yesterday celebrated the freedom that is afforded me.  I lamented the freedom that we take from others.  I pondered how I could share and use my freedom, privilege and power for the sake of others.  Those were my prayers yesterday.

Oh say can you see how priveleged you are?