metabolizing tragedy or… “tragedy papers”

At The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology we’re asked to look inward – a lot.  This is especially true the first year.  Let me tell you, I am deep in this work.  It is interesting for me to watch my cohort and other fellow students walk through this psychological and spiritual mine field.  Its not a question of when something from your life will blow up in your face but when.  In this case it’s not metal fragments that cut deep and dismember.  It’s the actual reliving of the pain that’s already there.  The explosion is the release of this pain.  Some people collapse.  Some self-sooth.  Some run to help.  Some run from help.  Some just literally go for a run.  It would be tedious to name all the ways we react for they are unique and as varied as individuals.

I metabolize through silence.  I metabolize through walks. I write in journals.  I talk to loved ones. I have a great therapist. I mingle with pastors. Bristas a kind sometimes, right when I need them to be.

I see this work as sacred.  I see the dark and the bright places in my being sacred as well.  This are places that I am learning to see, feel, and honor.  My hope is that in the future I can help people live into those places as well.

How do you metabolize your pain and beauty?


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