Sleep: This is not the post you’re waiting for.

I’ve noticed something as I age and while I add to my life experiences. I don’t sleep as deeply for as long. For instance I’m up right now. As I type this the clock says “SAT 6:13 AM.” The trend in my life is if I sleep more than 4 hours I have a hard time going back to sleep. So I went to be around 11:45 last night. I wake up to with a full bladder. Between arriving home after class last night at 8 I consumed about 3/4 of a gallon of liquid before bed. Where’s that going to end up?

So now I’m up.

Theres a group of my school cohort that are meeting for breakfast way too early. Now that I’m up I think I’ll join them.

This new sleeplessness affords me new opportunities. Most of the time I use it to pray since I’m already calm I can jump right into that. Today it affords me some good eats with good people.