More New Beginings

Lately I’ve been meeting more and more of my Seattle School cohort. They’ve popped by, had pizza with us and had a couple Meet-Up’s.

Yesterday was the second Meet Up. We did a walking tour of Fremont. We met under the north embankment of the Aurora Bridge at the Fremont Troll. Yep, he’s ugly, dirty and well… meh. We headed up, up, up Fremont Ave to Uneeda Burger. I’ve found yet another gourmet/aritsan burger joint. I went with the Philly Smash. Put it on your list. Then we headed up to Lighthouse Roasters. Great coffee. This is Dave Matthews’ coffee spot. We headed down the hill to the statue of Lenin. Ya, that Lenin. The staue was found after the fall of the Soviet Union and because of its unigue portrail, was bought and brought back to Seattle. We continued down the hill past the rocket, to Theo Chocolate.  Some of us bought some chocolate, some grabbed a spot in the shade outside.  I would recommend it!  They have samples so you know what you’re buying.  They also have tours, which were booked up yesterday.  From there headed to Waiting For The Interurban.  I was asked to take part in an “art attack” by a tour guide. He gave me a wig, which I quickly donned and a rubber chicken, which I chocked.   I’m on someone’s FB album I’m sure. After milling around a bit we went our separate ways.

It’s been nice to connect with my new cohort.  It’s nice have some face time, since most of us have only interacted in the FB group the school set up for us. What an exciting time. We’ve got a lot more memories to make. Shall we?