a 3 year old back

For those of you who just met me, you’re going to want to watch this video. Three years ago today, about this time of the morning the Father saw fit to give me a new spine. I was born with scoliosis.  I had taken 4o High School students and leaders backpacking in Wyoming and Colorado. I was out of shape and my back was killing me.

For others that were on that trip, don’t forget what happend. Our prayers were answered!  Everything from trivial animal sighting requests to moving dangerous thunderstorms away form the mountains we were hiking, our heavenly Dad heard and moved them all at our request.  Remember, we simply asked what our Father wanted to do, then we asked for him to do it. Then SURPRISE! He did!

Those of you who were healed with me, and prayed for us: You were part of something special. Don’t forget that!  God is alive, well and is in active pursuit of us! He wants to work in us, and through us in this broken world. Let him love you, and let that love flow through you to others around you. Especially those who don’t know Him by name yet.

Today especially I celebrate and praise the Father for his goodness.  My back is still straight.  Thanks for coming along with me.

Glory to God!