Climb Day 4

We got some rain this morning, but the tent heald up just fine. This was by far the coldest day, close to 25 degrees cooler.

Went to a couple good conferences this morning reminding me how God sees me, and how to make better use of my time.

No injuries today.

Another inspiring worship set. Followed by Don Doe’s encouraging follow up to last night with Romans 8. If Jesus is in us we are co-heirs with him. We are God’s children, and he loves us deeply. How the struggle in our flesh can be overcome with God’s Spirit within us.

Jen joined me half way through the message. So nice to have her with us again. That was hollow and inadequate for how we all feel to have her here now. 

So now we’re gonna find something to roast over the Whisper Lite. Good evening all.