Climb Day 3

The continuing not-so-saga of The Pacific Northwest Association (PNA) annual Camp & Conference.

This morning I was able to lead a conference. Let me tell ya, it felt good to teach again. I named it The Art of Discipleship: Retool, Reshape, Revisit Making Disciples.  It could have also been named Big-R’s travels. I just shared with them my own journey of discovering rich and ancient disciplines. All of which I’ve used myself, with students and adults. I got some weird looks, and the were a little quieter than I would have like. But on the bright side no one argued with me or left. They were receptive to the “new” stuff.

Me and the boys went swimming this afternoon. Joel wouldn’t commit to the cold water. It was cold like Lake Michigan when a storm churns up thrcold water siting down there at 800ft. Graeme and Levi had a ball.

Graeme was riding Levi’s bike. Why I don’t know. Somehow he found his way over the handlebars. He scraped up his shoulder and his ankle. I cleaned him up and he’s fine.

Tonight another night of inspiring worship. The band (The Vogt family +), shared one of their own songs.  I really enjoyed it.

Don Doe spoke on the war we fight with our flesh. And how we loose a lot. How Paul did as well. It was good to hear. Again I really appreciated Don’s transparency.

Joel fell asleep during the songs. I talking out cold. Levi and Graeme, much to my chagrin slapped him in the face and poked  him on the way by to wake him. He woke when the sermon was almost done and he wondered where his brothers went. Its funny because I had asked him 3 times if he wanted me to take him to the kids stuff. He was so groggy, it was lime he didn’t understand English. So I walked him there and grabbed a book to read until the kids were let out. I only read 5 pages.

After worship they had a talent show and fun night. We stayed for most of it. Joel wanted to go back to the tent. So I took Levi back too, Graeme asked to stay with his new friends. (Great! Of course!)

Is was another great day.

Tomorrow Jen will come after work. We’ve managed, but its not the same without her.

Thanks for still reading this thing. Peace.


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