Climb Day 2

I fogort to post last night and then my phone died.

Yesterday was a great day. I was invited to a gathering/lunch of church planters. Some are planting, some have followed a planter, some are considering planting.  It was nice for one of the first time in ministry not to feel out of place. To  clarify I felt at home in youth ministry venues. More general church gatherings I often felt like I didn’t fit. Now, I have some new friends. (Sigh.)

Worship lead by Vogt’s and company was inspiring again.

Don Doe shared about his own struggle with pain and a back injury.  He spoke about Romans 5 and hope. At the end of worship several of us prayed for him.  I thank Don for his bravery and transparency.

After roasting marshmallows over the Whisper Lite I put the boys to bed. Then I went “next door” to talk to a couple I met at the lunch. It was a good day. I’ll post again tonight about today.

Thanks for coming with me.