Climb Day 1

Today was the start of Climb ’12 the Camp & Conference of the Pacific Northwest Association (PNA) of ChOG, Anderson.  Officially things didn’t get underway until 7pm with a Celebration in Worship. If you’ve been to a ChOG campmeeting you know how the rhythm and flow of tonight went. You’d probably feel at home.

Its surreal for me. It seemed familiar, yet I only knew 2 people there by name when we sat down. 

Tammy Vogt and her family + lead worship.  I enjoyed the style and their hearts.  Don Doe is the Speaker this week and he challenged us to dream and pray big because God can do more than we can imagine.

Thanks to 2 outgoing souls I knew 4 people by name now. (Introvert + kids in toe = not very man introductions) I’m on a roll. I look forward to getting to know more folks at a church planters meeting/lunch tomorrow.

More tomorrow.

I’m going to close my eyes now.