Climb ’12

This week I’m heading to the Pacific Northwest Association of the Church of God’s [PNA] annual Camp & Conference. For us Michiganders this is like General Assembly + Camp Meeting. I’ve been asked to lead a conference as well. There’s a lunch and meeting with Church Planters and pastors of young churches I’ve been invited to. That’s what got this adventure primed in my head a few months ago.

Jen is dropping us off today, and it’s boys week. I could use some prayer on that. No van, no wife, going to an unknown camp with my 3 sons.  There’s stuff for the kids throughout the week, and I’m hoping that they’ll make some friends to play with too.

I dare say I still have introduction fatigue, but I’ll power through and meet a bunch of people.

If I have a signal I’ll blog the week from my phone. I’m excited to see how the PNA rolls.

Thanks for reading.