Health and Fitness Update

Many of you have noticed for here, Twitter and Facebook that’s I’ve turned over a new tree since moving to Seattle. I’m eating better and been doing Beach Body’s Insanity workout system.   I’ve only skipped a few days since we’ve started. Its ok because I’m in it for the long haul. I’m feeling better and I can run around with the boys all… well most of the day.  Day in day out, I didn’t feel that bad before.  It is nice to do a workout, walk up, down and around Queen Anne Hill and not feel extreemly sore the next day.

I am taking it easy this week on my ankle. Somehow on the skating excursion I had last weekend I hurt it.

The only bump I’ve had in this process is my short-term perspective. I set out to feel good and drop some L-B’s.  The days that we’re supposed to do the Fitness Test [to guage progress] I way myself. The first 3 weigh-in’s I didn’t loose any weight.  The fourth, I had gained 5 lbs. I was slightly downtrodden that day.  If I had one of those fat pinchy things I’d have the real results of my work. I know muscule weighs more than fat. As I look in the mirror or get dressed I know my body has changed for the better. I’m in this for the long haul.  As we know, if you burn more calories than you take in over time you burn the fat off your body.

So I’m going to get up, earlier than I would want to tomorrow, and the next day. I’m going to eat less than I burn – period.  I will continue to outlast my sons in marathon, rib crushing wresteling matches.  So one day, I can do the same with their sons or daughters.

I’ve turned over a new tree.