The Faith of Presidents

I came across this article on CNN’s Twitter feed. Interesting read.

It stirred up some thoughts I’ve had about President Obama.

Segway: I don’t see the same respect for President Obama that some of us Christians suggested the world give President Bush. So do we respect the office and the person or don’t we? If your answer is yes, you probably need to step it up. You can thank my high school history teacher Miss Iversen for that stream of thought.

I’ve heard the President get blasted from both sides about his faith. Its funny. Odd, not comical.  Which has often happened politically as well. Conservatives don’t think he’s actually Christian, some even say Muslim.  To many Liberals his faith is a thorn in their side. It’s a matter of distain for many of them, and causes them to think twice about voting for him. I’ve heard both of these view points from actual people, now that I’ve moved to Seattle.  [And you Michiganders think Detroit is Liberal, lol!]  As, usual I find myself somewhere in the middle of these view points.

If you pray, please join me to pray for our President. No matter who’s sitting in the chair, they need it.

Either way, whatever your view is of the President the article sheds some interesting light on our presidents and their faith. Read it here >>