I’m new here

We’re new here. You knew that. You knew that when you saw the Old English D on my hat. You noticed I didn’t feel like wearing plaid today. You also noticed that I didn’t know where I was going, and needed to get in the right-hand lane. Thanks for letting me in and not honking. I enjoy your apologetic “no no no, you go first” 4-way stops. Thanks for the help in the Store. I don’t follow your train of thought that there’s a better place for the granola bars than where I’m used to finding them. Thanks for telling me about the after school care that’s a good deal for $800 a month per kid. Glad for your help to find the deals around here. Happy, sad, indifferent faces. Thanks for being kind when I start a conversation in a public place. But, could you tell me where my new BFFs are? I can’t seem to find them yet. You’re great with directions, where to eat, and what baristas to stay away from, but still waiting for a dinner invitation. This introvert has introduction fatugue. Rain. Rain? Most days it spits, and the sun appears. It’s not the deluge I’m used to. Thanks for your warnings of wet monocrome cloud-banks. I’m taking heed and soaking in the sun while it’s here. Thanks for the great coffee. Even your small Mah and Pah diners have great coffee here. Thanks for all the shades of green, my favorite. Thanks for not making fun of me for rolling up my pants. I’m tired of stepping on my jeans for the sake fashion all these years. Short legs, long torso ya know. Thanks again for the exceptional coffee.

One thought on “I’m new here

  1. Oh, randy! My heart breaks for your family….and for mine. Remember how we fell so quickly in”like”? We met on a thurs and each couple had to secretly wait til Sunday to see if the others felt the same way? We both wanted to call and get together but thought it was too soon! Couple kissmeant! we were standing outside the Heritage room when we exchanged the fact we thought of the other as “new best friends.” The beginning of a beautiful relationship…

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