Portlandia Moment #1

Joel and I were at the store grocery shopng yesterday. We were grabbing some shave gel and I overheard this couple talking about razors. In Portlandia fashion they were mocking the amount of razors that corparte America has told us ingerant masses we need. “5 blades, who needs 5 blades?” I almost interupted them there, but I heald back to see how far they went. I don’t have any other quotes at this point, but I throughly enjoyed it. I wanted to tell him that if you have thick hair, and if you shave your head and your face at the same time, it goes twice as fast. Which doesn’t make mathmatical sence at all, does it? I think it’s the magic that Gillett puts in the their Fusion line that does it. Also each blade lasts me twice as long with 5 as the Mach 3 did. See… magic!

So I thought I’d share with you that I witnessed a Northwest cultural stereotype right in the grocery store. More to come I’m sure.