Slight Coffee Rant

Coffee Elite, I have a question.  Who started the 12oz bag thing?  

This trend came to my attention about 2 or 3 years ago. I went to my local shop at the time  [The Pheonix ] to grab a bag.  When I picked it up I immediately noticed that it was lighter. I mentioned to phenomenon to the barista, and she told me that was the new size Intelligentsia was packaging in. I noticed that the price was somewhere within $1-$2 of the full pound price.  A 1/4 less coffee for about the same price.

I can think off 3 reasons. Of course I am not a bussinessman. I’m not a craftsmen of coffee, yet. But this is what I can come up with.

1. Freshness: Perhaps the crafters of the coffee thought it wasn’t getting consumed in the freshness window they’ve set. They want to deliver the best product they can.  But really, there’s not much you can do with a consumer that brews a cup every 4 days.  Being in Seattle, I’ve experienced the seriousness of the craft. I let my cappuccino sit for 3min on the counter while was talking, and she offered me to make me another that “isn’t skunky.”  

2. Profit Adjustment: Perhaps they hadn’t passed on rising costs to the customers. Perhaps it was overdue. I’m guessing not, this tends to happen more with mom-n-pop/local businesses not international ones. 

3. Let’s make more money because we can. People will pay for it at that price, so let’s sell it to them. Even when times are tough, if you can afford great coffee you do it. They banked on that.

4. There was a OCEC [Organization of Coffee Exporting Companies][Tip: this is not a real organization at the time being.] meeting where they plotted a price hike across the coalition. We’d like to think that there isn’t some greedy room full of coffee guru’s, but this is ‘Merica the land of opportunity. 

Has this stopped me from buying coffee? No. The best coffee? Yes, at times.  Today I’m drinking a great roast by Caffe Lardo, Diablo.  I paid about the same for 12oz here in Seattle that I did for that Intelligentsia 2-3 years ago. So, 3 years of inflated costs, plus a 60% cost of living increase from 49085 to 98119.  You can imagine my shagrin at the til when I left with 1/4 less coffee than I expected to that day. 

ok, I’m done.