peace and quiet

I was reminded yesterday about the discipline of silence. Something that has been missing from my life in most of this transition. I’m in Boyland. A place of energy, passion, discovery, battles and imagination. Being still is only natural for my boys when they are in their beds.

There’s been a lot of doing the last 2 months of life.

It’s not that I can’t hear my God’s voice anymore. It’s pretty clear still.  I’m quite amazed that it’s not more cloudy or muffled.  It’s not that I even feel far from God.  I don’t feel guilt, or even “convicted” like I have about other things in life lately.  The Father gently told me yesterday that its time to clear my head.

I’m reminded of something I heard as an Anderson University undergrad.  Brennen Manning was the speaker for for Spiritual Emphasis week.  He said that for most of us our minds our like the water in a pool during a middle school pool party.  If you threw a pebble into it you would see it.   The next morning if you came out to the pool it would be still and calm.  If you threw a pebble in then, it would make ripples.  God’s voice is the pebble most of the time.  [There are certain times God speaks in cannon balls when we need them.]  I’m sorry if you’ver heard me say this before, but I have to repeat every once in a while because its as profound today as the first day I heard it.

So.  So I will be spending more time in silence.