Jeep Brag

On Spotify I just heard Jeep bragging about 16-22MPG in the new Wrangler. WOW Chrysler, way to finally match the 1997 Honda CR-V I just sold to move out here.

Granted, I’d like a Wrangler someday. They’re a lot of fun I know. I’d even like to go to a Jeep rally/camp/academy some time too.

Sticking with play A: Buy an old Jeep from a junk yard and put a Honda V-6 in it.  I know this may cost a bundle to have an adapter for the engine made, but but it would probably pay for itself in gas in a couple years. Plus, I can beat most cocky high school kids off the line with my Odyssey.  I’d love to see what a lighter vehicle like a jeep could do with that power.

See ya on the trail. [Some day.]