Day 2 of Insanity

I’m not going to post everyday about exercise. I’m sure that might be good for me.  I do have daily accountability with people, so to me a daily post just because would be tedious to both us.

Today I watched my heart rate more closely.  This especially important to me because I don’t have a physician here yet.  My doctors in the past and my RN wife have told me to pay attention to what my body is telling me and I’ll be fine.  Also if my technic is bad I slow it down or take a break. Shaun T, the Insanity trainer says those two things over and over so it’s easy to stick to.

I am apprehensive about one thing: my eating. There’s obviously one formula I want to take advantage of and that’s the calories in and out. You always want to burn more than you take in, duh!  But I’m burning almost 900 calories in a workout. That’s awesome!  But, here’s the big BUT. I have to make sure to take in the right calories and not take in too many.  I feel the engine going like I haven’t in years.  Already on day two! I find that pretty awesome. The end or slow down of workout periods are where I usually put on weight. While playing soccer at Anderson at dinner I’d put away 3 plates of food and still loose weight. The problem came in when season ended and workouts slowed or stopped.

It’s about choices, it always is.  Now that I’m more mature, will be able to make the right ones to propel myself to  a better place?  Hope so. Remember, my default is hope. Hope and pray with me will you?

Thanks for coming along.