New Beginings

Times of transition are great opportunities to start new habits. Jen and I are using that momentum to get healthier. We’ve been pretty sporadic with our exercise the last 18months. I dropped some LBs when I got my job at Lakeland Transport.  30 speed walking Transports across a hospital will slim anyone down. I was picking up a lot of hours then, nearly full time.  As I got my Hospice job and Jen went back to work full time the natural opportunities for caloric burn dropped. That’s not to say there wasn’t time.  It also takes mental toughness to get off the chair, you all know that.

So this week we started the Insanity workout system. It’s another workout plan from Beachbody.  It’s intense circuit training: You do an exercise for 30 seconds to a minute, switch, switch, then break. What makes this harder than most is that they want you at 85% of your maximum heart rate. Other circuits keep you in aerobic zone with  30 seconds or a minute of intensity.  Insanity you bust it for 3 minutes full speed, with a 30 second break.  The total workout we did today was 40 minutes.  There are 9 different workouts I think.  You rotate through them, depending on the week you’re on in the schedule. There’s also a nutrition book to give you good ideas to help you “fuel your workouts.”

A couple of my friends have used this before they’re unit deployed for combat.  And they said it helped them prepare for what they faced oversees. I’m not headed to combat, well only in my mind and living room.

I am headed into combat aren’t I?  With myself. I wear my struggle and sin. Not that I don’t have other inner struggles to over come. [I’ll blog those through school as much as my introvert-ness allows.]  I’m glad that I was an athlete earlier in life. My body remembers what it used to do.  I had a friend a couple years ago that hadn’t been active growing up and it seemed to be more of a struggle that I had at the time. My problem is stopping cold. I stop often when I feel great.  I somehow feel as if I’ve arrived, only to find myself spilling over my jeans a year later. I know many of you relate. The funny thing is that I have more maturity than I used to. [Believe it or not. 😉 ]  My mind and body are truly starting understand discipline as I never could as a younger man. I’m not sure who first said it but discipline begets more discipline. The work for me is never actually working hard, it’s showing up or getting up. It sucks because my best time personally to exercise it 3pm.  Gee that’s really conducive to normal American society isn’t it?  If the boys wouldn’t tear each other to shreds after school without my supervision, I probably would exercise then. I wonder if that time stems from having practice then from Middle school through college?

Our new city provides us with many new opportunities. I’m going to take advantage of the time and mental energy I have and drop some LBs and get healthier, before the real “heavy lifting” begins.


2 thoughts on “New Beginings

  1. Keep up the pace so u can finish the race. Don’t stop the momentum! Mine trailed off and starting again is the real battle- for sure. I know Jen is happy to have you join her in healthy pursuits. I’m anxious for Ryan to join me so we can start together…again. Love you.

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