Tigers Tonight

I’m a Tigers fan. Always have been. I think my first game was the home opener ’85 when they raised The Pennant from World Series ’84. Trammell, Gibson, Whitaker, Evans, Parish, Terrell, Herndon, Lemon, I got to see them play. But as of late, my “fandom” has been lacking. Especially if you stick to the root word fanatic.

Sports I just haven’t followed the last few years. I think for me it comes down to priorities and energy. I put my energies other places. If you can do 40 things in a day and you’d like to do 80, you either get faster or you chose. I’ve always chosen quality over quantity and that won’t be changing. I admit it I’m a plodder. I’m slow. I am owning the word that haunted my childhood, slow. That’s just how I roll.

Baseball, oh yeah….

So my wife likes the Dr. she works for. He has season tickets to the Mariners. I don’t know how the conversation went, but now I have tickets clipped to my fridge for tonights game against the Tigers. Apparently he’s a nice dude. The seats are in section 128 behind home plate. If you’re watching the game on TV, I’ll be to the Left of the Lefty’s batters box. I’ll have the Tigers had and SAMCRO t-shirt on. [What? It’s the only navy blue shirt I’ve got. {I know I’m a poser.}]

Before we moved I thought about getting tickets when the Tigers were in town. Someone heard that thought. And Verlander is pitching tonight.  If I have a favorite, he’s it this year.

I’ll be tweeting the game.  Not annoyingly, but… well who knows.

Thanks for coming along.