The Running Dad

Last week Joel and I ventured downtown. Our destination was the DMV to get my new license which was expiring on my birthday.  It was our first time on the bus in Seattle. We made it in good time.  Joel took in the sights and smells of urban life.  He also flirted with some nice older ladies.

When we arrived downtown and we almost didn’t find the right building. The sign for the office was about the size of a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper on a granite-sandstone office building.  I joked with the guy at the counter about that.  He said, that “Your lucky they didn’t cut my joke budget.”  I have to say, everyone in that office was exceptionally friendly, patient and helpful. Quite a change from Michigan, and customer service in general these days.  John [I think], chatted my ear off while I let Joel play the DS.  I almost had to tell him to put a rush on it. I thought we weren’t going to make in back to get Levi on time.  Right when I was going to say something he ushered me over to take my picture.  I was “in the hole“, so no worries.  I stepped up in front of the blue screen and John said “Can I barrow your 3 year old to hook up my mp3 player to my computer? He seems to be pretty good with technology.” Without looking up from the DS Joel says “Ya, I AM.”  The whole branch of the DMV erupted in laughter!  25 people total.  Joel, that’s your first effortless public laugh. Well done, Son. Right upon delivery of that perfectly timed line, the shutter snaps the happiest drivers licenses picture I’ve ever had.  Usually Jen says they look more like mug shots.

We collected ourselves and headed out the door. I fired up the phone and got GMaps locking down our 20.  While we were walking up the street I noticed the bus route we were looking for listed on a stop.  I looked at the map, and it said it was up a few blocks.  “That’s wierd”, I thought.  As we were standing there something [That would be God], told me to check the times on the route. I’m glad I did, because the next time that bus was running by that stop was after we needed to pick Levi up from school.  So, we started walking.

I an uneasy feeling about this situation.  We had a pick deadline we needed to make.  While we’re strolling, I recheck my phone.  The bus departs 5 blocks north of where we were in 3 minutes. I pick Joel up, and kick it up on notch.

It was slow going at every corner, the traffic was rollin’!

Every bus that passed us I locked onto the number.  Uh oh, that’s the one. 2 1/2 long city blocks to make!

I’m that guy at that moment. Loaded backpack, carrying the kid, running to catch the bus!  I cashed in on my tough deminor and exterior, and people got outta the way.  The ones that were facing me anyway. Hey where my blockers at?  Full back headed up the middle with the ball people!!! “Lord, hold that bus up,” I whisper.  I break, litterally break through the crowd and see the handicap lift popping out of the “Lucky” 13 bus.  Thank you God for elderly people.  Sweaty, slightly low on oxygen, we made it.

“What did you think of that ride Joel?” “You’re bumpy Daddy,” he said with a smile.

We made it to the stop near our house with 20 minutes to spare.   Crap, now I have to walk up Queen Anne Hill.  [I’ll put up an update on what the elevation change is in 2 blocks.]

We picked up Levi, exactly on time.  The first thing he says to me “Daddy, you guys were late.” I smirk and reply “You have no idea Levi.”


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  1. This is great! Are we not always running after that “special something.” When in reality it is right there at the end of the bus stop.

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