An Update on the Bennett Lineup


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I’ve been quiet for a few days now.  We’ve jumping in to a our new surroundings as best we can.

Graeme: He likes his classmates and his teacher. He’s playing baseball, he’s not enthused about it because he hasn’t played in a couple years and he’s slightly behind some of his teammates.

Levi: He wanted to switch to all-day kindergarten after 3 days of half day here.  The days aren’t really designed for half days anyway, so he was missing all the things he likes most: art, music, library and gym.  We found a gymnastics place nearby he’s looking forward to checking out.

Joel: Well, he’s 3 1/2.  He’s not enjoyed picking up Levi this whole year.  I guess it feels the same to to him as it does me, right when you’re getting on a roll it’s time to go again.  He’s excited to have me all to himself, for “the whole daaaay, Daddy?” That’s right Joel. He’ll help me discover some new cafe’s while his brothers are in school I’m sure.

Jen: Is enjoying her new job.  Learning the ropes at a new job is always a task, but she thinks this might be her favorite position yet.  Navigating Seattle has really given her fits.   I’m glad Jen has a smartphone, although GPS has steered her way wrong before.  I don’t think she’ll need is much more.  Practice makes perfect I guess.

Me: Well, I’m supposed to be the calm and collected one.  Which, I am.  I’m being the cheerleader and trying to do a couple things around the house each day to get us settled. Going to the  credit union was a task with all three Bennett Boys yesterday, but they lived mostly unmamed. I’m really glad I have a smartphone too.  Google Maps has been a life saver. I’ll post about an adventure Joel and I had later.  I’m getting invited to Mom Coffee’s and play-dates. Jen’s slightly jealous.  I’ve been telling the mom that I’m scoping out friends, “This is an interview.” [Only slightly joking.]  Luckily I was was raised by a pack of women [Mom, Grandma and their friends] so I feel comfortable in those situations. I’ve come away with some good contacts and some great information.   I came away from one play-date with a full sheet of notes and Bravest Husband Award. 😉

The adventure continues.