Don’t Loose the Lament

I’ve seen way, way too many hopeful posts today for Good Friday not to post something of my own. 

Today we as Believers and Followers of Jesus remember that Jesus died today.  Let’s take the opportunity to be solemn.  What would the Apostles been experiencing? The word dread comes to mind. Deep, low, wallowing sparrow. A sharp pain in their marrow. 

We don’t like pain. Especially in the West.  Out whole culture and government is set up for the pursuit of happiness.

So my Good Friday challenge today is to embrace the sparrow.  Without that, we can’t truly and deeply rejoice. pain and sparrow are tines and opportunities for the Father to bring joy. Don’t take that gift giving from him.

Sunday is coming. We know the end. Does the world need hope and a resurrected savior? Indeed! 

Today friends I’m simmering in the sadness. I hope even slightly, even in passing you’ll join me.