Epic Roadtrip EP8

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The movers were here today. The closest they could get was up the street.  Don’t worry, we paid then to load and unload so I’m ok.  I slept really weird though last nigh so craning my neck over the inventory my neck was really stiff.   [Woe is me.]

They did a great job, and all our stuff was there.  Well minus the 4 boxes we forgot that I tweeted about last week. [They’ll be here in a few days.]

So now the task is to unpack.  Not really my forte.  I foresee lots of “Yes Dear”s in my future.  Once we decided on how to arrange the furniture in the front room It’ll feel more like home. We’ve moved it all 7 times already.

Jen and the boys even had time for some horse play.  It was a malee of body parts. I also caught Levi dancing to a kids keyboard. You can find it on my youtube channel in the next couple days.

Thanks for coming along with us.


One thought on “Epic Roadtrip EP8

  1. Hey Randy and Jen

    So happy that u arrived safe and sound, I look forward to the blog each day. Things at Lakeland sure r not the same without u. Enjoy your unpacking and my mind is racing thinking about the Winnebago trip to Seattle. God Bless

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