Epic Road Trip Ep7

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Our first day in Seattle.

The truck is coming tomorrow morning. [Today, the time with was written.]

We decided to venture out and see the city.  We got to the Space Needle and decided to pass, Family Pass that is.  The guy at the ticket booth told us to not buy the pass that day because there would be a half off deal coming up in the next  couple weeks.  Levi was really bummed but he understood the math. At 50% off for an annual pass, that’s only $10 more than regular price for one trip for the whole family.  We can bring guests with the family pass so let us know when you’re in town in the next year.

To not was the trip I suggested that we head to Top Pot Hand Forged Doughnuts.  They were awesome! They roast their own coffee, like everyone else around here.  It was delicious as the doughnut.  It was our lunch.  I had some steak leftovers when we got home to up the protein side of things.

After some downtime for the boys and organization time for Jen and I we ventured out again.  This time to Ikea.  We grabbed some chairs and a few odds and ends. We’ll be back for a replacement for the futon at some point. [Futon’s just don’t sit well do they?]

We got really turned around on the way to Ikea.  We were being brave and trying not to lean on our phones for navigation. We caught a rainbow in the midst of the slight frustration.  Jen thanked me later for being a patient man.

We found our way home with no hitches.

I think in the next couple days we’re going to take a couple practice runs to Jen’s work.  She starts Monday.

The boys are enrolled with the Seattle Schools. No word on the when and where yet. If it’s not the school near by I’ll just take that as a sign that God wants us to start our ministry in a different neighborhood.  The doors have opened wide so far we have no reason to expect otherwise at this point.

Thanks for coming along from afar.