Epic Road trip Ep6

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Well not too much to report for today. This was our last leg of the journey.  We woke up in Montana and we’re hanging our hats in Seattle.

Our driving was tedious at times.  We went over two mountain ranges, which I did driving for of course.  Despite some snow and construction early on we made good time.

I think one of the highlights for the boys was the huckleberry soda we found.  I enjoyed it too.

We drove around by the Space Needle. Really because I missed a turn not to show the boys.  I got reoriented and we found our way to our house in Queen Anne.

We got our bags in the house and ran to the store for some essentials.

We met one of the neighbors already. Judy of Jim and Judy. Jim’s gonna write up directions for Jen to get to work.

Its story time now.  I’ll be following the boys to bed tonight.

Thanks for welcome home and well wishing.  Thanks again for tagging along.


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  1. Good to hear that you and your family made it there safely. Enjoy the West Coast!

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