Epic Roadtrip Ep5

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Today the boys got up on the wrong side of the bed. The whine only lasted until they got naps in the afternoon.

We ran into some weather when we were about an hour into our drive. I’m talking snow an freezing rain.  Luckily it didn’t last long. The wind those was strong most of the day.  The worst parts were 30mph with gusts.  When I first slowed down we came around a curve passing a semi and bam!!!  The wind forced me into the rumble strips on the shoulder.  I’m not a dare devil so I slowed.

We met up with Nick Deitirch of First Church and Warner Camp fame. It was good to catch up with a stop-n-chat with him. The boys chased bubbles.

The mountains were awesome.  I’m not talking the word I over use.  I’m talking the Greek word θαυμáζω [“thau-MOD-zo”], to awe or marvel. I have tattooed on my right forearm to remind me to worship.  Today was Sunday. For me it was mobile church.

At the Starbucks in front of our hotel we saw the same hippie van we first saw in South Dakota. Probably headed home the Seattle or Portland. 🙂

We found a great steak. I’ve been waiting for 1700 miles to find one. Montana raised Angus.  It was a ribeye.  I found it at the Montana Club Restaurant.

After eating up, we did something really nature: We went swimming.  We put our bloated bellies in our swim suites and went down stairs.  I don’t think its legal to heat pools in Montana. The pool today was even colder than last night’s pool.  The hot tube and the steam room made up, sort of.  The hot tub was uncomfortable hot.  I couldn’t stay in for more than 5 minutes.  We suffered through.  We showered up and now we’re watching the Season Premire of River Monsters.

Social Observation: I’ve noticed a lot of grandparents and older parents on the road.  Half of our tour group at Wind Cave were parents with kids the same age as our boys or younger, the parents being 10-15 years older than us.  One family I was sure was grandparents then I heard the girls say “Daddy.”

We’re almost to our new home.  People ask us where we’re from, I often hesitate.  I usually respond “That’s an interesting question…”  Still this all feels surreal.  We’ve been on family trips before.  It still feels like a vacation.  I’m sure when Joel and I are unpacking boxes while Levi and Graeme are at school and Jen’s at work it will sink in.  I’m sure I’ll have more thoughts to share was we move forward.

Thanks for coming along.


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