Epic Roadtrip Ep4

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Today Was another good day. The boys stamina is winding a bit, but they’re behavior overall is still great.

This morning I grabbed some espresso. I was a little worried when I walked in to the Hotel/Spa/espresso bar because the 2 young ladies there, one in pajama pants, looked like they were 16. Not that well trained 16-year-old’s can’t make good baristas, but we’re not in Seattle or Rome, we were in Hot Springs, SD.  I was happy with the product.

We made to Wind Cave with some time and spots to spare.  I had been there when I was 16 with my Mom and a friend.  It’s pretty much how I remembered it. It was fun to “explore” and learn about the cave with the boys.  They were the kids that talked a lot, but they listened to the ranger’s instructions.  Lot’s of pictures.  On our way, just north of the cave we say another heard of Bison.  We didn’t just see them, they wanted to cross the road. We ablliged.

Hit the road. Along the way we the terrain changed, almost exactly with the state lines.  When we hit Wyoming, there was much more sage and less rocky hills and Pondarosa Pines.  It was high planes pastures and sage.  When we hit Montana, it chaged again.  It was less winding and sharp turns.  The clouds were puffier and left deeper, more pornounced shadows.  I love it out here.  I know a lot of people get bored out here, but my mind is exploring and imagining what it would be like on a 4-wheeler or a horse.

We found our hotel and grabbed some grub.

The pool is a favorite stop.  This pool was slightly warmer than Lake Michigan in June. Nevertheless after we turned blue we were fine.  Jen had a pool toy surprise that provided tons of fun, especially for Graeme.  It was underwater glider.  If you adjusted the wings/fins it did different things.

Another great day!  Thanks for tagging along.