Epic Road Trip Ep3


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Today was a slow yet winding day.

I used my coffee throw together pour over coffee brewer.  It worked very well. I was warned by friends to be prepared with good coffee.  Across the street there’s a espresso bar supplied from a roaster in Seattle.  So far there’s been good coffee at every stop but this morning.  I’m prepared either way.

We hit up Mount Rushmore today.  It was good to be back with the boys. They earned their Jr. Ranger badges by answering a bunch of triva found in the visitors center.  The boys’ stamina was really tested for those badges.  Lots of pictures.

We grabbed lunch from the cooler on a road side table in Keystone just south of Mt. Rushmore.

We continued south to Wind Cave.  The roads were winding.  They didn’t agree with Jen that well.   We came across several herds of Bison.  Also stopped to see the Prairie Dogs and Antelope roam.  When we got to the cave the last tour for the day was full.  We’ll be back in the morning, it’s on our way out of town anyway.

In Hot Springs we found some bones.  We’ll we just looked at some someone else found.  We visited the Mammoth Site.  Quite a dig sight they’ve got.  We hit up Pizza Hut for burp night fuel back at the hotel.  There’s really cool buildings in the downtown here.  There’s all made of red clay brick.  I’ll check out the historical marker when I go to grab coffee in the morning.

Another great day on the road.  Thanks for joining us.