Epic Roadtrip Ep2

We made it safe and sound to Rapid City, SD.

This is not going to be in depth, just because I’m so tired.  Hopefully this will bring a good recap to all my tweeting.

Morning Highlight: Bean Juice Coffee.  Jen found them in the LaCrosse WI visitors guide. They fill a travel mug for $1 if you mention the ad.  We had some great Ethiopian.  They roast on sight, so I was stoked to find them.  The coffee was great, and so was the hospitality. I sipped on it all the way across Minnesota.

Mid-day Highlight: Just into to South Dakota there was a rest area where we had lunch.  Jen brought out a surprise toy the boys ran around and played  with.  There were people filming something while were eating. It was obviouse to me because they did about 5 takes of a drive up and walk to the building.  A ways down the road we ran by the Corn Palace in Mitchell.  We didn’t get out, we just snapped pictures.  I didn’t really care about getting plastic tomahawks, polished rocks or candy, we needed to rack up some miles.

Afternoon: We stopped for a pitt stop at Belvidere, SD.  The gentlemen at the gas station had a dog named Buddy that was really friendly.  Joel couldn’t leave without a good bye hug.

Dinner: We were shooting for Wall Drug… It closes at 6, and we got there at 6:35.  So much for free water and 5 cent coffee. On the way out of town we say a BBQ place so we swung around.  We’re glad we did.  There was only us and the staff. The Chicken special was great, fall off the bone.  I went with the Spicy BBQ sauce, a salad bar trip and waffle fries. I would recommend the Roadtrip Cafe to anyone passing through. The service was great too. [They were probably bored before we got there.]

Overall: The boys really did great.  They helped each other more than usual and were polite most of the time. When we got to the hotel I got in each of their faces and told them how proud I was of them.

Tomorrow is sight seeing. It’s a total of an hour and half drive tomorrow. More tweets to come. Thanks for joining us.