Epic Road Trip Ep1

So we’re off. It feels good to get a few hours on the road under our seat belts.  Its a good warm up for tomorrow. By the close of business tomorrow we’ll be in the Black Hills.

We’ve got a pool with a slide and a nice room. We had a lot of fun and my eye are blood shot,  a sure sign of fun.

In anticipation of bad coffee in the road I was in pursuit of a small one cup pour over brewer.  No one in northern Berrien county had one.  The box stores all have put their stock in K-Cups or French presses.  So I bought pieces to patchwork something together.  We’re good for the morning, there’s a coffee roaster here in LaCrosse [WI] that will fill your travel mug for $1. Awwww yEEEEahhhh!  Look for the Foursquare check-in on that in the morning.

Now we’re up in the room chilln’ to River Monsters. Tune in tomorrow for our next Episode.