Update/Recap: Westward

Jen and I tried to be faithful to broadcasting our exploits over the past month. Its so fragmented and intermittent I wanted to make sure that I brought all the details together.

Jen had been setting up interviews in Seattle for a month at least. Her first pick was Seattle Gynecology Specialists. She had a few set up at hospitals and a retirement community also.

Departure day: The day we are going to fly out to Seattle Jen got home from the hospital and no interview with her number one pick. She was wondering if they weren’t interested and just couldn’t tell her. After a 3 hour nap we headed to Chicago.  When she turned on her phone, BING there was an email wanting interview.  Only bad part was it was 7am in downtown.  The flights and car rental, and drive to Lance’s place were uneventful.  I will say it was a beautiful view of Seattle when we came up a hill and turned a corner while on I-5.  We hit the sack at 1am and start things up at 05:30 to make it downtown. I drop Jen off at the office at 06:40.  I found a coffee shop near by, Cafe Vita.

Seattle’s my kind of town. When I arrived at the cafe at 07:00 there were 2 of us customers, and 2 people behind the counter. I think we added 2 more people from 7-8.  Maybe 5 more from 8-8:30. The bustle started at 8:45.  The masses desended from their lofts in a groggy stagger.  When I left to pick Jen up at 9:30 there were 50 people in there.

Back to important things…

Did you catch the time on that?  Jen didn’t call me until 9:30.  That’s a 2.5 hour interview!  She liked everyone she met.  She was excited about the prospect of working with the doctor and the rest of the staff.  Then we went back and had a nap.

Jen had more interviews at a couple hospitals and a retirement community, a total of 6 I think.  They all went good on her end.  She didn’t want to work at one of them after her time there, but it was good to have a better feel for Seattle health care after the week.

In the midst of this invterview Ironman I scheduled a couple meetings for myself. I wondered by the Seattle School for some meetings and to sit in a class.  I really enjoyed the class, it was Theology II and there was a guest speaker.  The class was moving enough it deserves a post of it’s own.  We also were able to have lunch with Lloyd Moritz, the Pacific Northwest Executive Director of ChOG.  We had a good update, and it was good to share space with him again. He also threw some names at me to connect with later.

Jen was given 2 offers.  1 at Virginia Mason Hospital and Pacific Gynecology Specialist.  The later was her first choice. After some negotiation about pay she accepted the position at Pacific Gynecology.  Day shift, and 4 10hr days after orientation.  Getting time with the family again, priceless.

On to housing. We called on 40 properties. 32 of them were rented by the time we called. we did walkthroughs on 8.  We kept praying, because there were deal breakers with all of them.  The morning we were headed out we looked at 2 places.  Long story short we ran back to the first property and left a despite. Its in a good location for all 3 of our needs. Close to Jen’s, close to The Seattle School, and close to a coveted elementary school.  It’s about the same size as what we have now, but with a little yard, and parks nearby.

So the moving truck comes March 27th. We’re not exactly sure when we’ll pull out of town, we’d like the boys to finsih that week before spring break but we don’t want to truck to beat us out there.

We’re headed West!!!

There’s the recap.