Adventurs in Boyland: Theological Roundtable

The boys were just having breakfast.  This is how it went.

Joel: “I, I feel like a monster.” [He’s a Skillet fan.]

Graeme: Joel, there’s only one real monster, that’s sin. You don’t have to be afraid of the others, they’re fake.

Levi: Sin and destroy your house! [Wow, if he only new the metaphore he just used.]

Graeme: Sin can take over you. [That’s a direct quote.]

Levi: God wants us to use kind words, and help others Joel. Not to punch and kick and whatever.

Joel: I can punch and kick with my tongue… No, no, no, no no. With my legs and arms. [Another great analogy.]

Graeme: You have to be careful Joel.  The Devil wants to destroy and hurt you.

Then is shifted to Mario Cart…

We’re going to be late for Overflow now, but typing this up was worth it.