epic backfire

We’ve had to use some extra energy for   discipline with Levi and has words lately.  A couple weeks ago he was the kid at church that taught your kid what a-s-s is.  Pastors kids! Evidently he heard the meaning from one of Graeme’s friends that was over to play on Christmas break.   He’s also been mean with his word to Jen and I and his brothers. 

After repeated warnings about having to drink some hot sauce, I gave him some.  I gave him the choice: one drop of strong stuff or a spoonful of Tabasco.  He went with the spoonful.  Almost immediately  he started to vomit. It was a gradual crescendo of spots on the floor until most of it hit the floor in front of the toilet.

I’m sure the lad will remember this the next time I warn him about his words.

Epic [gag] backfire.


One thought on “epic backfire

  1. LOL! I remember when Emily would suck her thumb and I told my wife that if we put pepper on Emily’s thumb, she would stop sucking it. We tired it and she just keep on sucking her thumb!
    Kids are fun!

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